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Guidelines to Selecting Better Color Options in Design

17 Aug

We, web designers, are already aware about several important key components and concepts which in most situations should be adhered to to be able to produce an effective web design style. From the execution of negative space all the way to building a visual structure, each of these elements performs a significant role.

Color is no exemption as its function is essential. In web design, color style is significant as it can turn a somewhat average site into an unusual and awe-inspiring artwork. Alas, it can also smash your style and render it unattractive.

While color plays an essential role in website design work it’s a wise decision to not only know the primary color concept but also understand how one can create better designs by using effective color. To assist you in your present and upcoming web design projects, here are some suggestions to consider when selecting the best colors for your web design projects to enhance your web design in the long run.

Know Your Project Requirements

Before starting any projects you need to first consider the situation and all the project details. Web design is like something else you have ever engrossed yourself in. It needs to be spelt out clearly and briefly so that you can prevent or at least reduce prospective issues that could endanger your whole project. Whether you will be working for a customer or for yourself you should always be considering what the concept you are trying to express is. In other words, know your concept. You also need to recognize the definitions of each color. Know them and use them to your benefits to do something innovative.

It may not be obvious from the start but color can help get your message across. If used right it can talk to the individuals just by coupling it up with the right designs.

Obviously if you are uncertain about which direction you should go you can always ask for the viewpoint of others. Most people are willing to provide your review whether or not they are web developers. Also, when knowing your web design project you will want to know and consider that certain conditions offer themselves to certain color shades. Words that provide beneficial associations should be with shining colors. Inversely, conditions that exude or cause powerful emotions should be combined with black or powerful shades.

Make use of Color Apps

If you are confused that what color options that you should make, you can make it simpler by switching to exterior resources. There have been many applications, both online and offline that are devoted to developing personal color blends, discovering the appropriate HTML codes for your preferred color and even some that will produce color blends based off the images you have taken. These applications and tools can be extremely useful mainly if you are pressed by a due date.

Color application, be it on your smartphone or PC, can truly help motivate you. Often times than not you will stumble upon one mixture that you either never believed about nor never believed would work for you. Since each color application has its own set of restrictions and opportunities it’s best that you analyze some of them to see if you can individually benefit from their use.

Legibility and Hierarchy

When you are selecting your shades you want to keep the components that you will work with in mind. Stability and balance are essential regardless of what project you will work on; that being said it should also be mentioned that color impacts in this. The shades you select to join together can either help or restrict the overall legibility of your style. Legibility with regards to style just does not figure out if the audience can study the conditions present but it also decides what the audience can differentiate amongst the visible components.

To assist in this issue it’s best to use distinguish shades. Distinguish shades can be successfully used by using one color as the background and the other for the forefront components. Light and vibrant shades can have an effect on your design. With appropriate use of negative space you can use these kinds of shades plus complimentary shades to make visible structure. It’s such a great idea as not only you are using color to catch the interest of your audience but you are also using color to catch their eye. Effectively you need to choose one that draws interest while providing your details to the leading edge of the style.

Always Experiment

When it comes to color you need to test with diverse modifications of color blends. Not only do you want to try diverse color blends but you also want to try coupling them up in diverse structures and with diverse kinds of results. It’s a good exercise to get into as it helps you develop as a web designer. You don’t want to be a web designer who depends on the same number of techniques as in the long run your work will convert this and could possibly keep prospective customers unimpressed with your profile.

An additional thing to be concerned about is blends that do not perform. You should save these blends in spite of their deficiency of success as it’s fairly possible that they might work with a diverse project completely. You never know the result until you do an experiment and research, that’s why you must always test.

Summing Up

In your pursuit to discover the most perfect shades option you should always ensure that the shades you select should fit both the emotions and visuals of your style. Never be scared to experiment with unusual things. Web design is all about testing so mix and match as much as you want and take it easy with style guidelines. If you are still confused then go to www.spinxwebdesign.com and take professional help for your website design.


Are you Really Creating your Website Content for Smartphone Users?

18 Jun

“Does your website content look the same in a mobile as it does on a desktop???”

Mobile Typography

Recently one of the major challenges that web designers have been facing is related to the typography used in a website that works pretty well even in the mobile environment. It may seem to be an easy thing to deal with but believe me that’s not the case. Before understanding the importance of typography, first let us know what the typography is all about. ‘Typography’ is the art of arranging space between letters, space between words, space between lines, the length of a line, the size of a point and typefaces, in order to enhance the visibility of the language and make it more readable.

Good typography has the potential to make your website cross compatible, visually engaging and legible to read. But on the other hand bad typography can actually force people to divert their attention from your website for the simple reason that they don’t feel like reading anything because of too many complexities involved in the appearance. In order to avoid the bad and go for a good one, you should consider certain factors before actually deciding on the website typography from a mobile user perspective. These factors are responsiveness, spacing, contrast and readability.


Typography should be responsive enough to different screen sizes so that it gets adjusted as per varied display widths and lengths. Therefore display units such as rems, ems, or pixels should be wisely used to create a responsive grid layout. There are multiple options and templates for a responsive grid available in the market. It is just an individual preference of a designer as to what properties should be kept intact while making a selection, like letting a mobile website have the similar kind of flair and looks as that of a desktop website.


Another important factor is the website space distribution. When you are dealing with a website for smaller screens, it is crucial to keep as much space as possible between letters even if it requires more scrolling horizontally or vertically. Add margins to the same so that the user can know where a particular screen text begins or ends. Also around 20% space should be added between lines. Instead of using 16 as the space size between lines of font size 12, go for 14 as the line space between lines of font size 12.


Users always prefer scrolling over congestion of words. Hence, keep a good amount of space between characters, words and lines, as this will entice users to read interestingly even if it requires a lot of scrolling. The same logic applies to website elements and components as well such as navigational bars, tabs, menus, etc. Mobile browsing always supports the vertical format rather than a horizontal one as in the case of desktops. Therefore text, images, videos, and others should be stacked accordingly.


color contrastContrast is the use of different colors integrated with each other. Adjusting a contrast parameter is really important if you want the users to read content with ease with different color combinations overlapping. For example, a user would not be able to read anything if something is typed with pink on a background which is red. Therefore it is always best to start with black text/white background or white text/black background combination. You can thus experiment with different colors by keeping black and white as the fixed ones throughout.


Words convey in a stronger than actions and it is rightly said, “The pen is mightier than the sword!” As written in 2006 by Oliver Reichenstein, Information Architect, “95% of the information on the web is a written language.” This statement shows the readability importance. It is highly advisable to work with Sans Serif or Helvetica font which is soothing to the eyes. Select a font size matching the maximum characters present in a line.

Readability60-75 characters are the average length of a line which also includes punctuations and blank spaces. For a mobile version it goes down to around 35-50 characters. Lines should not have over-the-top characters as it becomes difficult to read. If too many characters are present then font size should be kept adequately small. Even lines with a few characters can become cumbersome for a user to read everything. Hence, in this case, large fonts should be used accordingly.

Some Useful Tips/Suggestions

After looking at the vital factors, I have got some useful recommendations for you in order to enhance your mobile typography design:

  • Start with small text and make adjustments to accommodate large screen dimensions.
  • Multiple columns of text should be used in order to accommodate content in an organized manner.
  • Fonts with narrow or wide strokes should not be used. Normal appearing fonts should be used rather than condensed or skinny fonts.
  • Do not be creative with your typefaces. Avoid striking through, curves, scripts, or other such novelties in your text.
  • Keep the content as simple as possible due to the smaller screen size and easy readability.
  • Once completed, the typography should be checked on multiple operating systems and browsers.

“Follow these simple rules and design your website text for mobile viewing…”

Are you looking for a professional web design company that will help you build your online presence and help you to target your mobile users with effective mobile website design? Visit us for best service.

If you have got anything more to add, you can send in your comments on the same.

Parallax Scrolling Effect: Make Website Surfing Soothing & Communicative

1 Apr


Parallax scrolling is an effect in computer graphics wherein the images in the background move slower than the ones in the foreground resulting in a 2D illusion. In this technique there are layers which move at varied speeds on the screen to create a depth. Transition from one section to another takes place through rapid movements. An unexpected visual is created when a series of images gets simulated in succession.

Why Parallax Scrolling is so effective

With the help of parallax scrolling,

  • A 3D appearance is obtained which can be easily controlled, instead of images which are static.
  • Benefits are demonstrated in an interactive way wherein once the scrolling starts, the whole message is transferred without any kind of exit point.
  • A certain dimension can be added to the appearance by introducing different flying elements in different spheres.
  • Animation through parallax effect can be used in a stepwise presentation of different menus and tabs.
  • Keeps visitors engaged in an interactive manner through multimedia already present in the parallax effect.
  • A special functionality can always be added to the website such as a never ending scrolling which will result in the user automatically going back to the top of the page after reaching the bottom.
  • Background could be fun as motion can be introduced in it.

Ways to use Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling effect can be used in several different ways such as:

  • A number of foreground and background layers are used in both vertical and horizontal directions having different scrolling speeds. Of all these layers, some are automatic while others are adjusted in a manner which is based on user interaction.
  • A single image can be formed using various bitmaps or images so as to give a 3D impact to a flat image where only a single part of the image is viewed from different positions.
  • Various different screens or tiles can be made to overlap with each other in a background which is repetitive.
  • Image pixels are set in a composite manner.


  • Usability is increased because of the user engagement and the overall interactive beauty. Whenever there is a motion involved in the functionalities of a website, the user gets motivated to stick around the website. This is possible because of a parallax effect.
  • With the maximum amount of visual depth, the user’s visual understanding gets amplified. Usually when users opt for a search, everything happens to be on a 2D plane. With the introduction of good graphics and appropriate utilization of space, the parallax effect can actually animate things with a mix of motion, speed, animation and layers. Add to this is the impact created by good design of graphics. All this when combined may not create a huge impact but the user’s ability to surf the website definitely enhances.
  • Very simple and minimalist design gets enlarged due to the parallax effect. But this is helpful when the content consists of a few words. This is due to the fact that too much content can become a hindrance in the fast paced motion and rapidly changing interface of the website. So a simple design can be magnified to the maximum and made aesthetic but not helpful in case of a heavy content based website.


In today’s world, it has become very crucial for the user to not only get engaged into a website but also be entertained at the same time. Parallax scrolling comes in the picture in order to achieve this. It enables to present users a site that shows its elements as well as objectives in an interactive way. If you are seeking affordable web design services you can contact SPINX Inc. Visitors can be guided through an intuitive content and given full control to use the motion based website interface according to their own requirements.