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‘Pinterest’ – Visual Branding through Social Media

3 Apr

Pinterest has become one of the leading social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & others not just for personal but also for business use. Its contribution to social commerce is rising day by day and gradually surpassing other social networking platforms. It has gained popularity among professional users for the following reasons:

  • It helps a business to expand their reach by reaching out to a worldwide target audience.
  • It has now got a very strong presence especially among creative & young users.
  • It has also become a platform to build on the relationships between individuals & professionals. This happens with each comment, like, or re-pin.
  • E-commerce sales can be increased to a large extent using Pinboards in Pinterest.
  • A study reveals that a user arriving through Pinterest to your site is seen more by 72% compared to Facebook.
  • With Pinterest, user links can be obtained to your blog, website, or content. This takes place whenever a user pins the content of your website. This way there will be a link to your website included with every pin.
  • Even while accessing your pins, people get diverted to your profile, blog, or website.
  • Pinterest is visually appealing; products are showcased in the best graphical style.
  • Through this platform businesses can discover or even share videos or images related to their products or services by pinning them.

Getting Started

  • Creating an account in case of Pinterest is the same as other social networking platforms wherein the site requires the user to either get invited by a friend or request for an invitee. Gradually it made registration open due to its increasing popularity. Now a user can register with the site using a Facebook or Twitter account.
  • The next step is to install the Pinterest tools which include pin button, Pinterest images, follow me button and many more.
  • Now it’s time to set up the boards on which you want to pin the images that will actually reflect the values, products & the brand of your company.
  • Bring all the pinners together to pin & share images with one another. Here ‘like as well as’ comment buttons can be used. Conversations should be started & boards should be monitored on a regular basis.
  • Tagging & optimizing the boards should be done in an organized manner so that links to keywords or websites are set properly. Keywords should be the same as those present on the website for appropriate search engine optimization.
  • Pinterest should be used in the best possible way as a marketing tool by running fan engagement activities & contests. Even coupons or decision making power should be given into the hand of the users to keep them engaged.

Pinterest From Marketer’s Perspective


Pinterest is a huge source of referral traffic towards blogs or websites when compared to other social media platforms. It is just behind Facebook in terms of social media fans. The secret behind such a roaring success of Pinterest lies in a simplified model of images & videos which enables to insert back links getting users to divert elsewhere where required. There are three action buttons involved in this — Comment, Like, & Repin. Whenever any of these three activities is performed, the followers of that particular person are notified resulting in more comments, likes, & repins which ultimately leads to a chain effect.

How does Pinterest Function?

Working with Pinterest is similar to cutting photographs from magazines or getting videos from somewhere & pasting them in your collection. With each image or video it should be made sure that a user gets engaged enough so that it adds one more entry in the email list. It should also be made sure that each video or image points to a blog or a website where the traffic needs to be diverted. Inside a Pinterest profile, a link should be made available linking to the same location where visitors can actually exchange the email address.

Tips While Using Pinterest

Images with a maximum width of 554 pixels can be used. Long images or Infographics should be avoided for preventing cumbersome scrolling up & down for repinning it. There is even a facility for Photo Badges which lets the user to put text on the top of the image being taken in order to describe the hidden content. Through Google Analytics, it can be found which pins send traffic to your site & in what number.

Connecting Pinterest to a Website or a Blog

Your website or blog image should be accompanied by a Pin button to enable people to share your content on Pinterest. Once the content becomes popular, users will be able to repin it & the links as well as the images related to your website will be widespread across the site. Also, social networking icons should be present with the Pinterest icon whenever the content gets published.

Many companies offer Social Media Marketing Services to promote your goods/services on different social media sites. Have you taken their help to market your brand on Pinterest? Please share your views via comments.

Image Courtesy: www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/how-pinterest-actually-pins-users-interest-on-pinboards-part-1.html