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Parallax Scrolling Effect: Make Website Surfing Soothing & Communicative

1 Apr


Parallax scrolling is an effect in computer graphics wherein the images in the background move slower than the ones in the foreground resulting in a 2D illusion. In this technique there are layers which move at varied speeds on the screen to create a depth. Transition from one section to another takes place through rapid movements. An unexpected visual is created when a series of images gets simulated in succession.

Why Parallax Scrolling is so effective

With the help of parallax scrolling,

  • A 3D appearance is obtained which can be easily controlled, instead of images which are static.
  • Benefits are demonstrated in an interactive way wherein once the scrolling starts, the whole message is transferred without any kind of exit point.
  • A certain dimension can be added to the appearance by introducing different flying elements in different spheres.
  • Animation through parallax effect can be used in a stepwise presentation of different menus and tabs.
  • Keeps visitors engaged in an interactive manner through multimedia already present in the parallax effect.
  • A special functionality can always be added to the website such as a never ending scrolling which will result in the user automatically going back to the top of the page after reaching the bottom.
  • Background could be fun as motion can be introduced in it.

Ways to use Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling effect can be used in several different ways such as:

  • A number of foreground and background layers are used in both vertical and horizontal directions having different scrolling speeds. Of all these layers, some are automatic while others are adjusted in a manner which is based on user interaction.
  • A single image can be formed using various bitmaps or images so as to give a 3D impact to a flat image where only a single part of the image is viewed from different positions.
  • Various different screens or tiles can be made to overlap with each other in a background which is repetitive.
  • Image pixels are set in a composite manner.


  • Usability is increased because of the user engagement and the overall interactive beauty. Whenever there is a motion involved in the functionalities of a website, the user gets motivated to stick around the website. This is possible because of a parallax effect.
  • With the maximum amount of visual depth, the user’s visual understanding gets amplified. Usually when users opt for a search, everything happens to be on a 2D plane. With the introduction of good graphics and appropriate utilization of space, the parallax effect can actually animate things with a mix of motion, speed, animation and layers. Add to this is the impact created by good design of graphics. All this when combined may not create a huge impact but the user’s ability to surf the website definitely enhances.
  • Very simple and minimalist design gets enlarged due to the parallax effect. But this is helpful when the content consists of a few words. This is due to the fact that too much content can become a hindrance in the fast paced motion and rapidly changing interface of the website. So a simple design can be magnified to the maximum and made aesthetic but not helpful in case of a heavy content based website.


In today’s world, it has become very crucial for the user to not only get engaged into a website but also be entertained at the same time. Parallax scrolling comes in the picture in order to achieve this. It enables to present users a site that shows its elements as well as objectives in an interactive way. If you are seeking affordable web design services you can contact SPINX Inc. Visitors can be guided through an intuitive content and given full control to use the motion based website interface according to their own requirements.