Escalate the Natural ‘Likes’ on Your “Facebook Web Page”

30 Mar

Simply designing a Facebook page and thinking that the world will look at it makes no sense, really. Today, you need to have dedicated people to connect to your Facebook page. The more you draw traffic to your page, the better your chances with regard to brand persona, marketing, etc. But this needs patience, commitment, & time.

Publish Position Updates regarding your Page

Inform the world that you have a new piece and you would like them to visit it and like it. Don’t think twice about this. Most individuals react favorably to such announcements & requests. Publishing an update is the first way to advertise yourself on your social media page.

Attract More Visitors by Getting People to Publish and Tag Images

An excellent way to drive visitors to your Facebook page is to take pictures of individuals or groups and then have them uploaded to your Facebook web page. Next, consult others in the image to tag. Your affiliates can also add images on your page. In this way your page will be included in their categories as well and will therefore attract more visitors.

Indulge Groups Surrounding You

Groups are highly effective in terms of bringing out concepts, perspectives and outlooks, much more than the page itself. This is because Facebook generates modifications while groups generate notices to a customer’s Facebook mailbox with an email.

Get Individuals to Link Your Page by SMS

Let individuals follow this:

Drive a message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the terms “like yourusername” or “fan yourusername”.

Offer an Enticement for Individuals to Join

You can put information on your page that is entirely for the supporters of your Facebook Fan page. This will encourage more individuals to basically select the “Like” key in order to get access to unique content. You can do this by creating a dynamic & powerful Facebook page linked with a static URL accompanied by a “reveal tab” that contains information noticeable only to page fans or group members.

Establish a Badge for the Facebook Page

By using a Facebook Logo, you can quickly web link yourself to your Facebook information. They are better than icons as they are quicker in loading.

Use Tagging in Status

Tag labeling is a relatively new attribute provided by Facebook. You can tag any piece or individual by basically writing the @ indication before the piece or individual’s headline you desire to tag. Notify your buddies about them and tell them to use it by labeling your web page.

Use the Recommend Characteristic

You can recommend your piece to your buddies by using the “suggest to friends” option in your Facebook page. Use this option with care as you do not want to frustrate individuals by too many requirements.

Install a “Like Box” on your Facebook Location

You can get your fans to “Like” your page without even putting any effort by letting designers personalize your Like A Box by adding a number of accessories to brand its feel & look. This will make it eye-catching and easy for your buddies and fans to like your page.

Establish a Like Button on Your Associate Site

You can also ask your visitors and buddies to get a Like Box of your web page on their web site. In this way you can efficiently generate more visitors on your Facebook page, changing them into members.

Connect your page with Twitter

Add to your Facebook list your number of Tweet supporters by connecting your Facebook account with that of Twitter. By doing this you spread an actual duplicate of your Facebook page content to your Tweets web page by back-linking your FB web page.

Permit Writing Feedback on your Page

If individuals will comment on your piece, whether they are on your fans list or not, you can anticipate an increase in your traffic because of their feedback being transmitted to other sites.

Hold a Contest Specially for Page Fans

Run a task on Facebook that is worthy of your page lovers. This will encourage more individuals to become your fans. A wildfire application can be used to do this, but first read the rules of operating a competition on Facebook.

Link Fan’s Profile with your Facebook Page

Another step you can take for your Facebook page is to include a link directing towards your fan’s profile on the page itself. This can be done by covering hyperlinks in the details section. The more individuals affix to Facebook, the more popular your page will become.

Blog Commenting should be done

The more your opinion goes on different web blogs, the more the probability of reaching out to individuals. You can also integrate your web page within commenting section.

Get a Back Link or a Hyperlink from LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you an excellent opportunity to place three web page relationships right on your LinkedIn information. Use this to direct to your Facebook page. Create an attractive anchor text for the web link such as Click to join or others.

Videos should be Uploaded to Facebook

If you include any movie on a web page, it will have a web link at the optimum left connecting to the Facebook page. This makes it a highly effective and an excellent indication of Facebook page progression.

Buying of Facebook Likes

You can also purchase Facebook likes through a number of services which deal with them. The most difficult part of increasing the fan base of your page is to get the first initial aficionados. Such a service gives you the initial push that you need. Afterwards, the fans will build naturally and rapidly.

Advertising Campaigns should be Employed for Specific Audience Targeting

Advertising through Facebook will let you tap target visitors in terms of age, passion and place of individuals on Facebook.

An Attractive Image for Profile should be Used

Use the best and most eye-catching image highly relevant to your page to improve the visibility of your Facebook page. Remember, “A good image is worth a million words”.

Placard should be Used

By using a placard, customers could be approached for getting themselves connected to your Facebook page.

Marketing Newsletter

If you are into online promotion, then transmit your fan web page to your members suggesting them to link. You can also include a connection to your fan page later on online information, but make sure that it does not annoy them.

Electronic Mail Signature

Take every mail as the initiation point to promote your Facebook web page. You can use online gadgets for authorization such as Wisestamp to get in touch with your page in innovative ways.

Forum Signature

If you are a diligent forum fan, include the connection of your Facebook page in your forum signature and use it in everything that you publish on the community. In this way your page will be marketed every time audience comes across your email in the community and you can probably anticipate a couple of hits. It is beneficial to add authentic quality content in your community emails with data and Q&A so that people do not question your reliability and their chances of becoming a member of your web page.

Visit us to learn more about marketing via the social media. Have you used the above mentioned tips on your fan page of Facebook. Feel free to give your views about the same.


Focus on Important Elements to Create Striking Website

4 Jan

Everybody is interested to have a user-friendly website so as to attract others and share it amongst their friends. We want that their clients like it and recommend it to their colleagues and friends.

A simplistic component is what everyone is interested in a website. Rather, it should not sound as simple as possible, but should contain tricky programming codes. Developing a website that is responsive for mobile and other devices is important and will be visible properly on all major web browsers no matter what version it has.

As we are aware with HTML5 and CSS3 and other high level languages, we must be able to build a website that uses web design basics. Still many web developers are facing the problem when they perform their CSS3 script in internet explorer, which is working properly with other browsers.

You have to develop a website to grab your user’s attention. Some valuable tips will help you to make a basic and an amazing website.

Graphics and Animations

Graphics and Animation

In the past decade, you would use Adobe Flash to add some animation to your website. Nowadays, with the changes in technology, we have other alternatives of Flash. These include cross browser compatible that is easily visible on small screen devices. It becomes possible because of JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery and other scripting languages enable your website to convert from tedious to attract one.

You can use JQuery on your website as it is smaller compared in size and loads easily. It’s necessary to build a fast loading website, but when you add graphics and animation, it makes things go slow. Although when you use and code it properly, it will run smoothly on the website. The technique is to use it whenever you need it the most on your site. Don’t put unnecessary graphics and animation in order to clutter your website.

Use of Videos

Use Of Video

If you are inefficient in animation or programming, you should grab audience attention by placing videos on your site. Video is the best medium to grab people’s attention because it’s more than sliding images. No longer is YouTube a video search engine platform because people prefer to watch video rather than reading the content.

Use Of Bold Fonts

Use Of Bold Fonts

In the past, people depended upon smaller font types for their website content. But, now, the situation has changed as many websites prefer large headlines and subtitles. Your website has a purpose and when it fails to fulfill its purpose, it becomes redundant. In fact, start using large, bold and bright text and images.

Pay Attention to Your Information Aspects

Composition in web design is important. With it, you can make some creative design for your website but for this you need to pay more attention towards it. Use proper patterns, borders and other web design elements because it gives a better user experience to the visitors.

What Becomes More Popular in Web Designing in 2013?

22 Dec

In the age of Information Technology, web designers should try to discover new ways to enhance the overall look of your web design. Previously, the trend was about to concentrate more on media abilities but now as per the new trends it’s all about functionality and classic looks. It’s not simple to predict about the industry which is changing regularly. In this post, I am discussing about some of my predictions as far as web design trends in 2013 are involved.

Web Design Trends 2013

Content Marketing

With the wide usage of search, social media, email and advertisement programs, the value of content marketing has been increased. All these marketing mediums are becoming dependable on content as promotion.

Content marketing is one of old but effective marketing strategy to promote your business and services to the world. You can promote your work through articles, classified, publications, etc. The main thing about content marketing is to concentrate on quality over quantity.

Content marketing is the best long term SEO techniques to generate leads. Somewhat being directly connected with your visitors, it allows them to download a newsletter, white paper, etc. If the visitors are really interested in you they valued your content.

Search and Social Media Integration

Social media is the most obvious for the business promoters. Promoters can exhibit their social impact through paid search advertise and organic search results by connecting on Facebook or G+ accounts.

You can see that Google AdWords pain search advertise have G+ one count. This impacts click through rates. Google organic search listing includes owner details and you can see +1’s from individuals in your G+ circles.


To improve your business ROI in 2013, Reselling is an obvious technique. Reselling/Remarketing is a technique to demonstrate ads to users who check out your website in an attempt to get them back again. You need to decide that which type of advertisements provide to these users that they don’t leave your website without converting. Reselling is a grand way to improve your return of investment.

Responsive Web Design

You could become extreme by developing several websites for different type of devices from desktop computers to the mobile and tables, and other smart devices.

Responsive web design is a type of website which can adjust according to the display size of the device. Responsive website can easily work on any new devices you don’t need to create a new version of your website to make them work on any new devices.

Use of HTML5 and CSS3

By raising the number of mobile users and browser interface will make 2013 the greatest year to extensively use HTML5 and CSS3 as their web design components. HTML5 and CSS3 have many new features and abilities which are not present in the older versions.

HTML5 and CSS3 allows web designers to design and code fast without worrying about Java Script, images, flash and their effects. Designers get many benefits by developing a website with HTML5 or CSS3. The website page loads faster, convenience to use on mobile devices and less time is needed to code.

Videos on website

Creation and hosting services for web videos will decrease in 2013. Similarly, videos will become a moneymaking remedy for many organizations in the forthcoming year.

Many companies use videos on their website to sell their products and services. Videos can be used in many ways, for displaying products and its advantages, services they offered, client reviews, and much more.

By embedding videos on a website, you can generate leads for your website and also monitor website conversion rates for different videos. It’s important to make a video which is attractive and well planned which is tracked and used to make business for the company.

Advertise on Small Screen Devices

2013 will be the year for mobile marketing. Advertising on mobile and other smart devices will become more popular in 2013 as there is a huge no of mobile users. But, how can one advertise for smaller screen devices? It’s really not a tough task. As you advertise for desktop user, you can focus on small screen users while they surf the web or from within some applications.

Smartphone users are action oriented. A significance that if they are looking for a bit, the higher the chances you have to reach for them at the right time could mean significant benefits for your company. Mobile marketing is going to be an inexpensive to advertise your brand in 2013.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It’s not easy to learn about conversion rate optimization. To run A/B testing on your website is quite difficult technique which needs proper guidance and expertise. A website page is optimized through conversion optimization method to improve the amount of conversions. This indicates to check from where the traffic is coming to our website, the messaging, imagery and call to action all play a vital role in whether or not a user will turn into a customer. The CRO is the best yet powerful method to improve your interest.

Programming Protocols that Every Web Developer Should Follow

8 Oct

If you want to be a best web developer or you are a web developer it is important that you should know web development criteria and how to write a unique code that is simple and easy to understand. When you are dealing with a team it’s really important that your code should be easily understood by another programmer who is dealing with you as a team or maybe just reading your code. Here, I am going to share some programming protocols that are important for web developers to follow while programming a code.

Function helps you to reuse your code repeatedly, without writing the whole code. Functions shrink the code statements of the program and reduce code redundancy. Functions help you to make changes in the code functionality, you don’t need to go through the whole code and make changes overall where you use the same code. Changes which apply to the function only will affect the code from its core. With functions you don’t need to memorize where you have used the same code.

A class adds on to the advantages of your code, if you are developing with object oriented programming language or doing a Java web development. You can easily arrange your code in a class. For example, if you are using some mathematical code then you can group them together and can place under your defined user class and call it using its defined objects.

Code Comment
When you are working as a team giving comments to your code is really helpful for you and also for your team members. Basically comments are used to represent what that code line is about and what it represents. Comments assist you to know what exactly is going on in the code and you don’t need to check your entire code lines to wait to know what the code really does.

Code Alignment
When you write some codes, Code alignments are necessary. When you are writing a code for an application and it contains many lines of code, alignment help you to figure out from where the code block is beginning and where it ends. This helps you to mark the code’s opening and closing brackets. If you get an error and any brackets remains too close then you can easily find that particular line where the error has occurred and solve it. This can save on time while debugging your code. Here is one example of unaligned and aligned code

If ($X==1)
If ($Y==1)
Echo”X and Y both are the same”;
Echo”X and Y are not the same”;

Have a look on the code; though it’s a simple code about comparing two variable values, but still it’s really difficult to conclude which block is starting and which block is ending. It would be complicated to add more code statements in the program because you will not be able to decide on which block you are placing these statements. Now look at the same code but in an aligning way which is simple and easy under stable

If ($X==1)
If ($Y==1)
Echo”X and Y both are the same”;
Echo”X and Y are not the same”;

Curly Brackets
In many coding languages you can write your code without using curly brackets. Many programmers avoid using curly brackets in their code when that code is represented by only one statement block. And as I said before it creates a problem about knowing the starting and ending of the code statements. Hence, when you are writing a code in an easy and under stable language use of curly brackets is essential.