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Web Design Trends could be Transient or Lasting

18 Oct

Remember Web 2.0 and Geocities? Thinking of flat design? The first two were design trends of years gone by; flat design is trending right now. Since the existence of the web, trends in web design have come and gone, like all other trends in many fields of man’s endeavor, especially clothes fashion. The life span of web design trends depends largely on their popularity and functionality; some stay for a short while, others last for many years. The word ‘trend’ means movement/development/inclination so it shows the way things are moving in the web design world and what shape they may take in the future. In this article we will look at the pros and cons of new trends as well as some examples of what is trending right now.

Keep Up with Design Trends… Because of their advantages, designers must keep abreast of all the latest trends. Through these trends they will know in what direction web designing is heading and what its future will be. This helps businesses to keep up with the latest design movements and if need be they can tweak their designs to make their users happy and satisfied.

…. But Look Out for their Disadvantage too

The problem with trends is that no one can predict when they will cease to be trendy! Since designing a website is not as simple as designing a shirt or skirt, completely reworking a web design entails much time, energy and money. A fresh trend can become obsolete overnight and that’s the biggest disadvantage. Many people are not happy with certain trends. With regard to a certain design, they may feel that everything looks the same. This is true of flat design. Also, some people feel that certain trends don’t encourage creativity and so inventiveness is discouraged which harms the design process.

What’s Trending Now: Flat design is in vogue right now. It can be described in other words too, like ‘simple’ or ‘clean’ design. This is because the flat design does away with many ‘decorations’ like textures or 3 dimensional effect or gradients – it is, to put it simply, flat and therefore clean and precise. It’s interesting to note that some web technology biggies use this style of designs. Apple (iOS7), Microsoft (Windows 8, Skype and Metro for example) and Google (product design) have all adopted flat design trends.

Smaller Trends: Blurred headers in background have also been trending of late. In this design a large header at the top of the page is blurred so that text can be overlaid on it.

Responsive Web Design: As its name suggests, it responds to changes in the web world and accordingly tweaks its design. It’s not really a trend and has been around for quite some time.

Web Typography: Is also more of a feature or style that may differ from web to web. It is usually used for text – and focuses on font styles, size of text and everything connected with that. But it is a vast field and a designer can create some truly amazing sites with a bit of creativity. Designers can get access to many tools that will provide them top quality fonts to enrich their design’s typography. Some of these are: Fontdeck,, Typekit, Google Fonts and H&FJ cloud.typography.

Summing Up

Web designing is sometimes a personal choice but at times you have to go along with the trend. Many factors come into play when a designer has to make the final decision. Ultimately what the public thinks about it matters the most and then a designer cannot impose his will on them to be popular. But originality and creativity of a high order will always count and be accepted and so designers can choose to ignore trends and chalk out their own, individual paths. If you want to keep up with the latest trends in web design and get your site developed by experienced designers, contact Spinx Inc. , a web design and development company based in Los Angeles. Their skilled designers will meet all your requirements.


Guidelines to Selecting Better Color Options in Design

17 Aug

We, web designers, are already aware about several important key components and concepts which in most situations should be adhered to to be able to produce an effective web design style. From the execution of negative space all the way to building a visual structure, each of these elements performs a significant role.

Color is no exemption as its function is essential. In web design, color style is significant as it can turn a somewhat average site into an unusual and awe-inspiring artwork. Alas, it can also smash your style and render it unattractive.

While color plays an essential role in website design work it’s a wise decision to not only know the primary color concept but also understand how one can create better designs by using effective color. To assist you in your present and upcoming web design projects, here are some suggestions to consider when selecting the best colors for your web design projects to enhance your web design in the long run.

Know Your Project Requirements

Before starting any projects you need to first consider the situation and all the project details. Web design is like something else you have ever engrossed yourself in. It needs to be spelt out clearly and briefly so that you can prevent or at least reduce prospective issues that could endanger your whole project. Whether you will be working for a customer or for yourself you should always be considering what the concept you are trying to express is. In other words, know your concept. You also need to recognize the definitions of each color. Know them and use them to your benefits to do something innovative.

It may not be obvious from the start but color can help get your message across. If used right it can talk to the individuals just by coupling it up with the right designs.

Obviously if you are uncertain about which direction you should go you can always ask for the viewpoint of others. Most people are willing to provide your review whether or not they are web developers. Also, when knowing your web design project you will want to know and consider that certain conditions offer themselves to certain color shades. Words that provide beneficial associations should be with shining colors. Inversely, conditions that exude or cause powerful emotions should be combined with black or powerful shades.

Make use of Color Apps

If you are confused that what color options that you should make, you can make it simpler by switching to exterior resources. There have been many applications, both online and offline that are devoted to developing personal color blends, discovering the appropriate HTML codes for your preferred color and even some that will produce color blends based off the images you have taken. These applications and tools can be extremely useful mainly if you are pressed by a due date.

Color application, be it on your smartphone or PC, can truly help motivate you. Often times than not you will stumble upon one mixture that you either never believed about nor never believed would work for you. Since each color application has its own set of restrictions and opportunities it’s best that you analyze some of them to see if you can individually benefit from their use.

Legibility and Hierarchy

When you are selecting your shades you want to keep the components that you will work with in mind. Stability and balance are essential regardless of what project you will work on; that being said it should also be mentioned that color impacts in this. The shades you select to join together can either help or restrict the overall legibility of your style. Legibility with regards to style just does not figure out if the audience can study the conditions present but it also decides what the audience can differentiate amongst the visible components.

To assist in this issue it’s best to use distinguish shades. Distinguish shades can be successfully used by using one color as the background and the other for the forefront components. Light and vibrant shades can have an effect on your design. With appropriate use of negative space you can use these kinds of shades plus complimentary shades to make visible structure. It’s such a great idea as not only you are using color to catch the interest of your audience but you are also using color to catch their eye. Effectively you need to choose one that draws interest while providing your details to the leading edge of the style.

Always Experiment

When it comes to color you need to test with diverse modifications of color blends. Not only do you want to try diverse color blends but you also want to try coupling them up in diverse structures and with diverse kinds of results. It’s a good exercise to get into as it helps you develop as a web designer. You don’t want to be a web designer who depends on the same number of techniques as in the long run your work will convert this and could possibly keep prospective customers unimpressed with your profile.

An additional thing to be concerned about is blends that do not perform. You should save these blends in spite of their deficiency of success as it’s fairly possible that they might work with a diverse project completely. You never know the result until you do an experiment and research, that’s why you must always test.

Summing Up

In your pursuit to discover the most perfect shades option you should always ensure that the shades you select should fit both the emotions and visuals of your style. Never be scared to experiment with unusual things. Web design is all about testing so mix and match as much as you want and take it easy with style guidelines. If you are still confused then go to and take professional help for your website design.

Parallax Scrolling Effect: Make Website Surfing Soothing & Communicative

1 Apr


Parallax scrolling is an effect in computer graphics wherein the images in the background move slower than the ones in the foreground resulting in a 2D illusion. In this technique there are layers which move at varied speeds on the screen to create a depth. Transition from one section to another takes place through rapid movements. An unexpected visual is created when a series of images gets simulated in succession.

Why Parallax Scrolling is so effective

With the help of parallax scrolling,

  • A 3D appearance is obtained which can be easily controlled, instead of images which are static.
  • Benefits are demonstrated in an interactive way wherein once the scrolling starts, the whole message is transferred without any kind of exit point.
  • A certain dimension can be added to the appearance by introducing different flying elements in different spheres.
  • Animation through parallax effect can be used in a stepwise presentation of different menus and tabs.
  • Keeps visitors engaged in an interactive manner through multimedia already present in the parallax effect.
  • A special functionality can always be added to the website such as a never ending scrolling which will result in the user automatically going back to the top of the page after reaching the bottom.
  • Background could be fun as motion can be introduced in it.

Ways to use Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling effect can be used in several different ways such as:

  • A number of foreground and background layers are used in both vertical and horizontal directions having different scrolling speeds. Of all these layers, some are automatic while others are adjusted in a manner which is based on user interaction.
  • A single image can be formed using various bitmaps or images so as to give a 3D impact to a flat image where only a single part of the image is viewed from different positions.
  • Various different screens or tiles can be made to overlap with each other in a background which is repetitive.
  • Image pixels are set in a composite manner.


  • Usability is increased because of the user engagement and the overall interactive beauty. Whenever there is a motion involved in the functionalities of a website, the user gets motivated to stick around the website. This is possible because of a parallax effect.
  • With the maximum amount of visual depth, the user’s visual understanding gets amplified. Usually when users opt for a search, everything happens to be on a 2D plane. With the introduction of good graphics and appropriate utilization of space, the parallax effect can actually animate things with a mix of motion, speed, animation and layers. Add to this is the impact created by good design of graphics. All this when combined may not create a huge impact but the user’s ability to surf the website definitely enhances.
  • Very simple and minimalist design gets enlarged due to the parallax effect. But this is helpful when the content consists of a few words. This is due to the fact that too much content can become a hindrance in the fast paced motion and rapidly changing interface of the website. So a simple design can be magnified to the maximum and made aesthetic but not helpful in case of a heavy content based website.


In today’s world, it has become very crucial for the user to not only get engaged into a website but also be entertained at the same time. Parallax scrolling comes in the picture in order to achieve this. It enables to present users a site that shows its elements as well as objectives in an interactive way. If you are seeking affordable web design services you can contact SPINX Inc. Visitors can be guided through an intuitive content and given full control to use the motion based website interface according to their own requirements.

Innovative Methods of Designing Single Page Website

31 Mar

In the present scenario, one page website has gained popularity without much doubt. But, still the fact can’t be denied that it is not meant for each and every organization.

Only those organizations whose solutions could be adopted through a single web page can follow this trend. However, it all depends on the way the page is designed. Before taking a firm decision regarding a single page website design, ensure that it is highly suitable for the organization.

When one follows according to single web page, there has to be a large content in terms of volume which is required, because an organization gets one chance to pass the message across. Since you are displaying your image through a single page, you will have limitations regarding graphics and animation. Henceforth, it becomes important to integrate the content with a proper visual appeal so that a user does not lose interest.

Therefore, such websites are either used by people who want to showcase their portfolio or by companies who have a small range of products or services to offer.

If one plans to have a one page website of his own, then consider these factors:

  • Capture the attention of the visitors by putting only relevant information and proper display of all the solutions that are offered. There is no need of any irrelevant information as a user will lose focus from your website.
  • The hierarchy of the visual objects on the website should clearly depict the purpose. The objects should be arranged that a visitor is easily directed as to where to look for the relevant solution. Here, positioning of the objects plays a key role. Besides, the size of the objects should be kept in such a manner that the useful objects should be displayed large as compared to non-useful ones, which can be displayed small.
  • Navigational links should be placed in such a manner so that the user is directed towards an external source from a website with much ease. Keep it as simple as possible with notification facility enabling the user to proceed to the kind of requirement he wants from a particular website.
  • The design should be innovative and bold at the same time in order to avoid a boring appearance. For this, out of the box thinking should be brought into play as an unusual design always attracts the user.
  • Perform various experiments on the coding for obtaining various behavioral and color options, feel and look, error and data messages, placing of the tables, etc.
  • Animation in your site will always give life and movement to the site. Unique transitions and animations will always make your one page site an engaging experience to deal with.

One Page Website Optimization

Use of appropriate content

  • The phrases or keywords related to the website optimization should be inserted.
  • These phrases or key words should be applicable to not only the content of the page but also in the meta and title tag.

Navigation Building

  • Link building or backlinks should be provided.
  • These links could be utilized using three ways:
    • Blogs could be written relating to your industry where you can put links to your website.
    • Submit your website to the other websites.
    • Do social marketing for promoting your backlinks.


  • Write blogs on your website linked to your company, industry, or other information.
  • You can write blogs on a separate page which is within the boundaries of your website.

Site Advertising

  • Google Adwords and blog ads should be inserted.
  • Through Google Adwords, right keywords could be targeted, which can ultimately gain more visitors.

Statistical Analysis

  • Using Google Analytics, website statistics could be known which determines the future strategies.
  • SEO efforts could be tracked by knowing the traffic, conversion ratio, growth timeline, and more.


  • User experience becomes easier due to the lowest possible navigations.
  • Easier to make people understand the benefits as everything is displayed in just a single page.
  • Navigation within the website or to an external source becomes easy.
  • Since the website contains a single page, it allows users to have more quality content inserted.
  • No need to direct users from one page of the website to another.
  • Display of best content and facilities.
  • Easy to maintain the site.
  • Higher possibilities of top rankings on search engines due to quality content.
  • Organizing the content can be done in an effective manner.
  • Makes a good impact on users.
  • The bandwidth of the site gets reduced to a large extent.
  • Content is minimal.


One page sites are much easy to maintain. Although the greatest challenge is to accommodate as much relevant content as possible within a single page which also accompanies graphical and animated elements. To get design of single page for your firm, visit

A small amount of content can reduce the site’s optimization chance on the search engines. Besides, more content within a single page could actually make a one page website much difficult to load or cumbersome to handle. But, still if designed properly, a one page website might not just convey the solutions with a purpose in an effective manner but also they are quite beneficial when compared to large complex sites.

Focus on Important Elements to Create Striking Website

4 Jan

Everybody is interested to have a user-friendly website so as to attract others and share it amongst their friends. We want that their clients like it and recommend it to their colleagues and friends.

A simplistic component is what everyone is interested in a website. Rather, it should not sound as simple as possible, but should contain tricky programming codes. Developing a website that is responsive for mobile and other devices is important and will be visible properly on all major web browsers no matter what version it has.

As we are aware with HTML5 and CSS3 and other high level languages, we must be able to build a website that uses web design basics. Still many web developers are facing the problem when they perform their CSS3 script in internet explorer, which is working properly with other browsers.

You have to develop a website to grab your user’s attention. Some valuable tips will help you to make a basic and an amazing website.

Graphics and Animations

Graphics and Animation

In the past decade, you would use Adobe Flash to add some animation to your website. Nowadays, with the changes in technology, we have other alternatives of Flash. These include cross browser compatible that is easily visible on small screen devices. It becomes possible because of JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery and other scripting languages enable your website to convert from tedious to attract one.

You can use JQuery on your website as it is smaller compared in size and loads easily. It’s necessary to build a fast loading website, but when you add graphics and animation, it makes things go slow. Although when you use and code it properly, it will run smoothly on the website. The technique is to use it whenever you need it the most on your site. Don’t put unnecessary graphics and animation in order to clutter your website.

Use of Videos

Use Of Video

If you are inefficient in animation or programming, you should grab audience attention by placing videos on your site. Video is the best medium to grab people’s attention because it’s more than sliding images. No longer is YouTube a video search engine platform because people prefer to watch video rather than reading the content.

Use Of Bold Fonts

Use Of Bold Fonts

In the past, people depended upon smaller font types for their website content. But, now, the situation has changed as many websites prefer large headlines and subtitles. Your website has a purpose and when it fails to fulfill its purpose, it becomes redundant. In fact, start using large, bold and bright text and images.

Pay Attention to Your Information Aspects

Composition in web design is important. With it, you can make some creative design for your website but for this you need to pay more attention towards it. Use proper patterns, borders and other web design elements because it gives a better user experience to the visitors.

What Becomes More Popular in Web Designing in 2013?

22 Dec

In the age of Information Technology, web designers should try to discover new ways to enhance the overall look of your web design. Previously, the trend was about to concentrate more on media abilities but now as per the new trends it’s all about functionality and classic looks. It’s not simple to predict about the industry which is changing regularly. In this post, I am discussing about some of my predictions as far as web design trends in 2013 are involved.

Web Design Trends 2013

Content Marketing

With the wide usage of search, social media, email and advertisement programs, the value of content marketing has been increased. All these marketing mediums are becoming dependable on content as promotion.

Content marketing is one of old but effective marketing strategy to promote your business and services to the world. You can promote your work through articles, classified, publications, etc. The main thing about content marketing is to concentrate on quality over quantity.

Content marketing is the best long term SEO techniques to generate leads. Somewhat being directly connected with your visitors, it allows them to download a newsletter, white paper, etc. If the visitors are really interested in you they valued your content.

Search and Social Media Integration

Social media is the most obvious for the business promoters. Promoters can exhibit their social impact through paid search advertise and organic search results by connecting on Facebook or G+ accounts.

You can see that Google AdWords pain search advertise have G+ one count. This impacts click through rates. Google organic search listing includes owner details and you can see +1’s from individuals in your G+ circles.


To improve your business ROI in 2013, Reselling is an obvious technique. Reselling/Remarketing is a technique to demonstrate ads to users who check out your website in an attempt to get them back again. You need to decide that which type of advertisements provide to these users that they don’t leave your website without converting. Reselling is a grand way to improve your return of investment.

Responsive Web Design

You could become extreme by developing several websites for different type of devices from desktop computers to the mobile and tables, and other smart devices.

Responsive web design is a type of website which can adjust according to the display size of the device. Responsive website can easily work on any new devices you don’t need to create a new version of your website to make them work on any new devices.

Use of HTML5 and CSS3

By raising the number of mobile users and browser interface will make 2013 the greatest year to extensively use HTML5 and CSS3 as their web design components. HTML5 and CSS3 have many new features and abilities which are not present in the older versions.

HTML5 and CSS3 allows web designers to design and code fast without worrying about Java Script, images, flash and their effects. Designers get many benefits by developing a website with HTML5 or CSS3. The website page loads faster, convenience to use on mobile devices and less time is needed to code.

Videos on website

Creation and hosting services for web videos will decrease in 2013. Similarly, videos will become a moneymaking remedy for many organizations in the forthcoming year.

Many companies use videos on their website to sell their products and services. Videos can be used in many ways, for displaying products and its advantages, services they offered, client reviews, and much more.

By embedding videos on a website, you can generate leads for your website and also monitor website conversion rates for different videos. It’s important to make a video which is attractive and well planned which is tracked and used to make business for the company.

Advertise on Small Screen Devices

2013 will be the year for mobile marketing. Advertising on mobile and other smart devices will become more popular in 2013 as there is a huge no of mobile users. But, how can one advertise for smaller screen devices? It’s really not a tough task. As you advertise for desktop user, you can focus on small screen users while they surf the web or from within some applications.

Smartphone users are action oriented. A significance that if they are looking for a bit, the higher the chances you have to reach for them at the right time could mean significant benefits for your company. Mobile marketing is going to be an inexpensive to advertise your brand in 2013.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

It’s not easy to learn about conversion rate optimization. To run A/B testing on your website is quite difficult technique which needs proper guidance and expertise. A website page is optimized through conversion optimization method to improve the amount of conversions. This indicates to check from where the traffic is coming to our website, the messaging, imagery and call to action all play a vital role in whether or not a user will turn into a customer. The CRO is the best yet powerful method to improve your interest.