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‘Pinterest’ – Visual Branding through Social Media

3 Apr

Pinterest has become one of the leading social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & others not just for personal but also for business use. Its contribution to social commerce is rising day by day and gradually surpassing other social networking platforms. It has gained popularity among professional users for the following reasons:

  • It helps a business to expand their reach by reaching out to a worldwide target audience.
  • It has now got a very strong presence especially among creative & young users.
  • It has also become a platform to build on the relationships between individuals & professionals. This happens with each comment, like, or re-pin.
  • E-commerce sales can be increased to a large extent using Pinboards in Pinterest.
  • A study reveals that a user arriving through Pinterest to your site is seen more by 72% compared to Facebook.
  • With Pinterest, user links can be obtained to your blog, website, or content. This takes place whenever a user pins the content of your website. This way there will be a link to your website included with every pin.
  • Even while accessing your pins, people get diverted to your profile, blog, or website.
  • Pinterest is visually appealing; products are showcased in the best graphical style.
  • Through this platform businesses can discover or even share videos or images related to their products or services by pinning them.

Getting Started

  • Creating an account in case of Pinterest is the same as other social networking platforms wherein the site requires the user to either get invited by a friend or request for an invitee. Gradually it made registration open due to its increasing popularity. Now a user can register with the site using a Facebook or Twitter account.
  • The next step is to install the Pinterest tools which include pin button, Pinterest images, follow me button and many more.
  • Now it’s time to set up the boards on which you want to pin the images that will actually reflect the values, products & the brand of your company.
  • Bring all the pinners together to pin & share images with one another. Here ‘like as well as’ comment buttons can be used. Conversations should be started & boards should be monitored on a regular basis.
  • Tagging & optimizing the boards should be done in an organized manner so that links to keywords or websites are set properly. Keywords should be the same as those present on the website for appropriate search engine optimization.
  • Pinterest should be used in the best possible way as a marketing tool by running fan engagement activities & contests. Even coupons or decision making power should be given into the hand of the users to keep them engaged.

Pinterest From Marketer’s Perspective


Pinterest is a huge source of referral traffic towards blogs or websites when compared to other social media platforms. It is just behind Facebook in terms of social media fans. The secret behind such a roaring success of Pinterest lies in a simplified model of images & videos which enables to insert back links getting users to divert elsewhere where required. There are three action buttons involved in this — Comment, Like, & Repin. Whenever any of these three activities is performed, the followers of that particular person are notified resulting in more comments, likes, & repins which ultimately leads to a chain effect.

How does Pinterest Function?

Working with Pinterest is similar to cutting photographs from magazines or getting videos from somewhere & pasting them in your collection. With each image or video it should be made sure that a user gets engaged enough so that it adds one more entry in the email list. It should also be made sure that each video or image points to a blog or a website where the traffic needs to be diverted. Inside a Pinterest profile, a link should be made available linking to the same location where visitors can actually exchange the email address.

Tips While Using Pinterest

Images with a maximum width of 554 pixels can be used. Long images or Infographics should be avoided for preventing cumbersome scrolling up & down for repinning it. There is even a facility for Photo Badges which lets the user to put text on the top of the image being taken in order to describe the hidden content. Through Google Analytics, it can be found which pins send traffic to your site & in what number.

Connecting Pinterest to a Website or a Blog

Your website or blog image should be accompanied by a Pin button to enable people to share your content on Pinterest. Once the content becomes popular, users will be able to repin it & the links as well as the images related to your website will be widespread across the site. Also, social networking icons should be present with the Pinterest icon whenever the content gets published.

Many companies offer Social Media Marketing Services to promote your goods/services on different social media sites. Have you taken their help to market your brand on Pinterest? Please share your views via comments.

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Mobile Keyword Research Tools & Techniques

2 Apr

When conducting research for mobile keywords it is important to know the words or phrases used by mobile users which desktop users do not use. A few categories like restaurants have the maximum number of searches by users through a mobile device. If the wrong keywords are targeted for this particular category then the mobile users might end up not finding you on the topmost engine pages. Mobile keyword research might seem to be very easy but in reality it is a big challenge as the tools used are different from those used for desktop keyword research. There are various auto-suggest tools as well as emulators available in the market but the main thing is targeting mobile centric users. Even search engines like Google & Bing offer such tools for making internet marketers’ life easy.

Mobile Experts From Spinx Inc. uses different tools for doing research on the keywords. It is important to follow some basics before actually using any tool. These basics or parameters help in defining requirement from the keywords, type of keywords & analysis of keywords. Another thing that should be noted is that these parameters are not just meant for mobile research but even for desktop research. Let’s study each one of them in detail:

Metrics & Goal should be defined

Find out the intention of searching the right keywords with regard to where exactly you want them to be used. Also, decide on the metrics once you choose whether:

  • To conduct research for a responsive website where mobile keywords will be of no use as common keywords will be applicable.
  • To conduct research for an independent mobile site where different unique keywords are needed as compared to a desktop website.
  • To conduct research purely for a standalone mobile site where the focus is to include both the desktop as well as mobile based keywords.

Finding out the Relevant Keywords

  • Once the purpose & characteristics are defined, it’s time for the actual analysis of the keywords. However, what should be kept in mind while using tools is that you need to be aware how users search yours as well as your competitors’ websites. Following tools can be used to accomplish this task:

Google Web Master Tool

  • By typing “Mobile” in the search query report of this tool, a user can see the related keywords to his/her website and also the number of clicks, impressions & rankings of your website.

Google Analytic

  • By going to Audience>>>Mobile>>>Overview in this tool, a user can get related keywords to his/her website which are frequently used with tablet & mobile users.

Google Keyword Tool

  • By selecting Advance Options & Filters>>all mobile devices in this particular tool, a user can get related keywords to his/her website which are frequently used with tablet & mobile users. Even independent options for selecting any one of them is available.

Bing Ads Intelligence

  • It cannot generate the keywords like the tools mentioned above. However, it can do take from the users a list of mobile based keywords that have been so far compiled & execute a customized report for traffic which can be personalized by selecting tablets, non-smartphones & smartphones.

Bing Search Suggest

  • Here, simply typing the research based character or a keyword will give users a list of mobile based keywords in the interface.

Qualifying the Keywords

After loads of keywords are generated, it is important to decide which the useful ones are. Merely based on traffic volume, specific keywords shouldn’t be selected. Keyword short listing is based on a lot of other factors as mentioned below:

  • Platform wise queries should be analyzed when scanning individual keywords.
  • Cloud keyword generator should be used in order to take a glance at the keywords which are used more by mobile than desktop users.
  • When analyzing each keyword, the mobile user’s % should be taken into account from overall mobile & desktop users.

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Parallax Scrolling Effect: Make Website Surfing Soothing & Communicative

1 Apr


Parallax scrolling is an effect in computer graphics wherein the images in the background move slower than the ones in the foreground resulting in a 2D illusion. In this technique there are layers which move at varied speeds on the screen to create a depth. Transition from one section to another takes place through rapid movements. An unexpected visual is created when a series of images gets simulated in succession.

Why Parallax Scrolling is so effective

With the help of parallax scrolling,

  • A 3D appearance is obtained which can be easily controlled, instead of images which are static.
  • Benefits are demonstrated in an interactive way wherein once the scrolling starts, the whole message is transferred without any kind of exit point.
  • A certain dimension can be added to the appearance by introducing different flying elements in different spheres.
  • Animation through parallax effect can be used in a stepwise presentation of different menus and tabs.
  • Keeps visitors engaged in an interactive manner through multimedia already present in the parallax effect.
  • A special functionality can always be added to the website such as a never ending scrolling which will result in the user automatically going back to the top of the page after reaching the bottom.
  • Background could be fun as motion can be introduced in it.

Ways to use Parallax Scrolling

The parallax scrolling effect can be used in several different ways such as:

  • A number of foreground and background layers are used in both vertical and horizontal directions having different scrolling speeds. Of all these layers, some are automatic while others are adjusted in a manner which is based on user interaction.
  • A single image can be formed using various bitmaps or images so as to give a 3D impact to a flat image where only a single part of the image is viewed from different positions.
  • Various different screens or tiles can be made to overlap with each other in a background which is repetitive.
  • Image pixels are set in a composite manner.


  • Usability is increased because of the user engagement and the overall interactive beauty. Whenever there is a motion involved in the functionalities of a website, the user gets motivated to stick around the website. This is possible because of a parallax effect.
  • With the maximum amount of visual depth, the user’s visual understanding gets amplified. Usually when users opt for a search, everything happens to be on a 2D plane. With the introduction of good graphics and appropriate utilization of space, the parallax effect can actually animate things with a mix of motion, speed, animation and layers. Add to this is the impact created by good design of graphics. All this when combined may not create a huge impact but the user’s ability to surf the website definitely enhances.
  • Very simple and minimalist design gets enlarged due to the parallax effect. But this is helpful when the content consists of a few words. This is due to the fact that too much content can become a hindrance in the fast paced motion and rapidly changing interface of the website. So a simple design can be magnified to the maximum and made aesthetic but not helpful in case of a heavy content based website.


In today’s world, it has become very crucial for the user to not only get engaged into a website but also be entertained at the same time. Parallax scrolling comes in the picture in order to achieve this. It enables to present users a site that shows its elements as well as objectives in an interactive way. If you are seeking affordable web design services you can contact SPINX Inc. Visitors can be guided through an intuitive content and given full control to use the motion based website interface according to their own requirements.