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Innovative Methods of Designing Single Page Website

31 Mar

In the present scenario, one page website has gained popularity without much doubt. But, still the fact can’t be denied that it is not meant for each and every organization.

Only those organizations whose solutions could be adopted through a single web page can follow this trend. However, it all depends on the way the page is designed. Before taking a firm decision regarding a single page website design, ensure that it is highly suitable for the organization.

When one follows according to single web page, there has to be a large content in terms of volume which is required, because an organization gets one chance to pass the message across. Since you are displaying your image through a single page, you will have limitations regarding graphics and animation. Henceforth, it becomes important to integrate the content with a proper visual appeal so that a user does not lose interest.

Therefore, such websites are either used by people who want to showcase their portfolio or by companies who have a small range of products or services to offer.

If one plans to have a one page website of his own, then consider these factors:

  • Capture the attention of the visitors by putting only relevant information and proper display of all the solutions that are offered. There is no need of any irrelevant information as a user will lose focus from your website.
  • The hierarchy of the visual objects on the website should clearly depict the purpose. The objects should be arranged that a visitor is easily directed as to where to look for the relevant solution. Here, positioning of the objects plays a key role. Besides, the size of the objects should be kept in such a manner that the useful objects should be displayed large as compared to non-useful ones, which can be displayed small.
  • Navigational links should be placed in such a manner so that the user is directed towards an external source from a website with much ease. Keep it as simple as possible with notification facility enabling the user to proceed to the kind of requirement he wants from a particular website.
  • The design should be innovative and bold at the same time in order to avoid a boring appearance. For this, out of the box thinking should be brought into play as an unusual design always attracts the user.
  • Perform various experiments on the coding for obtaining various behavioral and color options, feel and look, error and data messages, placing of the tables, etc.
  • Animation in your site will always give life and movement to the site. Unique transitions and animations will always make your one page site an engaging experience to deal with.

One Page Website Optimization

Use of appropriate content

  • The phrases or keywords related to the website optimization should be inserted.
  • These phrases or key words should be applicable to not only the content of the page but also in the meta and title tag.

Navigation Building

  • Link building or backlinks should be provided.
  • These links could be utilized using three ways:
    • Blogs could be written relating to your industry where you can put links to your website.
    • Submit your website to the other websites.
    • Do social marketing for promoting your backlinks.


  • Write blogs on your website linked to your company, industry, or other information.
  • You can write blogs on a separate page which is within the boundaries of your website.

Site Advertising

  • Google Adwords and blog ads should be inserted.
  • Through Google Adwords, right keywords could be targeted, which can ultimately gain more visitors.

Statistical Analysis

  • Using Google Analytics, website statistics could be known which determines the future strategies.
  • SEO efforts could be tracked by knowing the traffic, conversion ratio, growth timeline, and more.


  • User experience becomes easier due to the lowest possible navigations.
  • Easier to make people understand the benefits as everything is displayed in just a single page.
  • Navigation within the website or to an external source becomes easy.
  • Since the website contains a single page, it allows users to have more quality content inserted.
  • No need to direct users from one page of the website to another.
  • Display of best content and facilities.
  • Easy to maintain the site.
  • Higher possibilities of top rankings on search engines due to quality content.
  • Organizing the content can be done in an effective manner.
  • Makes a good impact on users.
  • The bandwidth of the site gets reduced to a large extent.
  • Content is minimal.


One page sites are much easy to maintain. Although the greatest challenge is to accommodate as much relevant content as possible within a single page which also accompanies graphical and animated elements. To get design of single page for your firm, visit

A small amount of content can reduce the site’s optimization chance on the search engines. Besides, more content within a single page could actually make a one page website much difficult to load or cumbersome to handle. But, still if designed properly, a one page website might not just convey the solutions with a purpose in an effective manner but also they are quite beneficial when compared to large complex sites.


Escalate the Natural ‘Likes’ on Your “Facebook Web Page”

30 Mar

Simply designing a Facebook page and thinking that the world will look at it makes no sense, really. Today, you need to have dedicated people to connect to your Facebook page. The more you draw traffic to your page, the better your chances with regard to brand persona, marketing, etc. But this needs patience, commitment, & time.

Publish Position Updates regarding your Page

Inform the world that you have a new piece and you would like them to visit it and like it. Don’t think twice about this. Most individuals react favorably to such announcements & requests. Publishing an update is the first way to advertise yourself on your social media page.

Attract More Visitors by Getting People to Publish and Tag Images

An excellent way to drive visitors to your Facebook page is to take pictures of individuals or groups and then have them uploaded to your Facebook web page. Next, consult others in the image to tag. Your affiliates can also add images on your page. In this way your page will be included in their categories as well and will therefore attract more visitors.

Indulge Groups Surrounding You

Groups are highly effective in terms of bringing out concepts, perspectives and outlooks, much more than the page itself. This is because Facebook generates modifications while groups generate notices to a customer’s Facebook mailbox with an email.

Get Individuals to Link Your Page by SMS

Let individuals follow this:

Drive a message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the terms “like yourusername” or “fan yourusername”.

Offer an Enticement for Individuals to Join

You can put information on your page that is entirely for the supporters of your Facebook Fan page. This will encourage more individuals to basically select the “Like” key in order to get access to unique content. You can do this by creating a dynamic & powerful Facebook page linked with a static URL accompanied by a “reveal tab” that contains information noticeable only to page fans or group members.

Establish a Badge for the Facebook Page

By using a Facebook Logo, you can quickly web link yourself to your Facebook information. They are better than icons as they are quicker in loading.

Use Tagging in Status

Tag labeling is a relatively new attribute provided by Facebook. You can tag any piece or individual by basically writing the @ indication before the piece or individual’s headline you desire to tag. Notify your buddies about them and tell them to use it by labeling your web page.

Use the Recommend Characteristic

You can recommend your piece to your buddies by using the “suggest to friends” option in your Facebook page. Use this option with care as you do not want to frustrate individuals by too many requirements.

Install a “Like Box” on your Facebook Location

You can get your fans to “Like” your page without even putting any effort by letting designers personalize your Like A Box by adding a number of accessories to brand its feel & look. This will make it eye-catching and easy for your buddies and fans to like your page.

Establish a Like Button on Your Associate Site

You can also ask your visitors and buddies to get a Like Box of your web page on their web site. In this way you can efficiently generate more visitors on your Facebook page, changing them into members.

Connect your page with Twitter

Add to your Facebook list your number of Tweet supporters by connecting your Facebook account with that of Twitter. By doing this you spread an actual duplicate of your Facebook page content to your Tweets web page by back-linking your FB web page.

Permit Writing Feedback on your Page

If individuals will comment on your piece, whether they are on your fans list or not, you can anticipate an increase in your traffic because of their feedback being transmitted to other sites.

Hold a Contest Specially for Page Fans

Run a task on Facebook that is worthy of your page lovers. This will encourage more individuals to become your fans. A wildfire application can be used to do this, but first read the rules of operating a competition on Facebook.

Link Fan’s Profile with your Facebook Page

Another step you can take for your Facebook page is to include a link directing towards your fan’s profile on the page itself. This can be done by covering hyperlinks in the details section. The more individuals affix to Facebook, the more popular your page will become.

Blog Commenting should be done

The more your opinion goes on different web blogs, the more the probability of reaching out to individuals. You can also integrate your web page within commenting section.

Get a Back Link or a Hyperlink from LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you an excellent opportunity to place three web page relationships right on your LinkedIn information. Use this to direct to your Facebook page. Create an attractive anchor text for the web link such as Click to join or others.

Videos should be Uploaded to Facebook

If you include any movie on a web page, it will have a web link at the optimum left connecting to the Facebook page. This makes it a highly effective and an excellent indication of Facebook page progression.

Buying of Facebook Likes

You can also purchase Facebook likes through a number of services which deal with them. The most difficult part of increasing the fan base of your page is to get the first initial aficionados. Such a service gives you the initial push that you need. Afterwards, the fans will build naturally and rapidly.

Advertising Campaigns should be Employed for Specific Audience Targeting

Advertising through Facebook will let you tap target visitors in terms of age, passion and place of individuals on Facebook.

An Attractive Image for Profile should be Used

Use the best and most eye-catching image highly relevant to your page to improve the visibility of your Facebook page. Remember, “A good image is worth a million words”.

Placard should be Used

By using a placard, customers could be approached for getting themselves connected to your Facebook page.

Marketing Newsletter

If you are into online promotion, then transmit your fan web page to your members suggesting them to link. You can also include a connection to your fan page later on online information, but make sure that it does not annoy them.

Electronic Mail Signature

Take every mail as the initiation point to promote your Facebook web page. You can use online gadgets for authorization such as Wisestamp to get in touch with your page in innovative ways.

Forum Signature

If you are a diligent forum fan, include the connection of your Facebook page in your forum signature and use it in everything that you publish on the community. In this way your page will be marketed every time audience comes across your email in the community and you can probably anticipate a couple of hits. It is beneficial to add authentic quality content in your community emails with data and Q&A so that people do not question your reliability and their chances of becoming a member of your web page.

Visit us to learn more about marketing via the social media. Have you used the above mentioned tips on your fan page of Facebook. Feel free to give your views about the same.