Focus on Important Elements to Create Striking Website

4 Jan

Everybody is interested to have a user-friendly website so as to attract others and share it amongst their friends. We want that their clients like it and recommend it to their colleagues and friends.

A simplistic component is what everyone is interested in a website. Rather, it should not sound as simple as possible, but should contain tricky programming codes. Developing a website that is responsive for mobile and other devices is important and will be visible properly on all major web browsers no matter what version it has.

As we are aware with HTML5 and CSS3 and other high level languages, we must be able to build a website that uses web design basics. Still many web developers are facing the problem when they perform their CSS3 script in internet explorer, which is working properly with other browsers.

You have to develop a website to grab your user’s attention. Some valuable tips will help you to make a basic and an amazing website.

Graphics and Animations

Graphics and Animation

In the past decade, you would use Adobe Flash to add some animation to your website. Nowadays, with the changes in technology, we have other alternatives of Flash. These include cross browser compatible that is easily visible on small screen devices. It becomes possible because of JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery and other scripting languages enable your website to convert from tedious to attract one.

You can use JQuery on your website as it is smaller compared in size and loads easily. It’s necessary to build a fast loading website, but when you add graphics and animation, it makes things go slow. Although when you use and code it properly, it will run smoothly on the website. The technique is to use it whenever you need it the most on your site. Don’t put unnecessary graphics and animation in order to clutter your website.

Use of Videos

Use Of Video

If you are inefficient in animation or programming, you should grab audience attention by placing videos on your site. Video is the best medium to grab people’s attention because it’s more than sliding images. No longer is YouTube a video search engine platform because people prefer to watch video rather than reading the content.

Use Of Bold Fonts

Use Of Bold Fonts

In the past, people depended upon smaller font types for their website content. But, now, the situation has changed as many websites prefer large headlines and subtitles. Your website has a purpose and when it fails to fulfill its purpose, it becomes redundant. In fact, start using large, bold and bright text and images.

Pay Attention to Your Information Aspects

Composition in web design is important. With it, you can make some creative design for your website but for this you need to pay more attention towards it. Use proper patterns, borders and other web design elements because it gives a better user experience to the visitors.


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